Connecting from China

This article seeks to deliver important updates regarding the recent challenges you may have encountered while using our VPN service in China.

We recognize the immense significance of uninterrupted VPN access for our users in China, especially in light of its intricate network structure and strict online regulations. Nonetheless, our team is always working on finding ways to improve the service.

At the moment, we strongly recommend trying to connect manually using the WireGuard protocol if you are unable to connect via the Surfshark app.

Here are guides on how to set it up:

WireGuard client is a great way to bypass internet access restrictions if the Surfshark app on your device can’t connect. That being said, you’ll still be just as secure as connecting via the Surfshark app.


现就您最近在中国境内使用我公司 VPN 服务时遇到的问题,通报最新重要信息。

尤其是在考虑到中国网络结构的错综复杂以及严格的网络管理政策后,我们深深意识到确保中国用户能够不间断地访问 VPN 的重大意义。我公司工程师团队兢兢业业,致力于解决当前所面临的难题。

当前,如果您无法通过 Surfshark 应用程序联网,那么我们强烈建议您尝试使用 WireGuard 协议进行手动连接


如果您的设备无法通过 Surfshark 应用程序联网,那么 WireGuard 客户端则是绕过互联网访问限制的一个好方法。而且,此方法与通过 Surfshark 应用程序联网一样安全。

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